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The History of Bremner Biscuit Company

In 1865, David F. Bremner began operating his first bread bakery in Cairo, Illinois. He moved to Chicago in 1871 to supply bread to the devastated public after the Great Fire. The bread was baked with his initials D.F.B. stamped on the top, and for this reason D.F. Bremner's bread became known as "Damn Fine Bread."

Having found wide acceptance with its bread, the D.F. Bremner Baking Company expanded into baking cookies and crackers. By the late 1800s the bakery boasted 200 items including Bremner's Butter Crackers and handmade Water Crackers. In 1902 the original Bremner Butter Wafer was created.

In 1905, David Bremner's sons established their own bakery, calling it Bremner Brothers Biscuit Company. Dedicated to using only the finest ingredients, they produced the Bremner Brothers Butter Wafer, the predecessor to Bremner Wafers. In the late 1920's, with the invention of the internal combustion engine, the truck replaced the horse-drawn wagon allowing for widespread product distribution. Production of Bremner products also became more efficient when the fully automatic band oven was utilized.

Bremner Biscuit Company has always produced the cracker with the finest texture, even if its delicacy requires special, costly packaging to prevent breakage. Edward Bremner, a direct descendent of David F., is particularly proud that Bremner Biscuit Company has always put the quality of its crackers first. Instead of reformulating recipes or changing packaging to cut costs, only the best ingredients are used despite their expense. Edward asserts that, "It wouldn't be nearly as fun making an inferior cracker."

The company remained in Chicago until 1984 when the Bremner family moved the operation to Denver, Colorado. Today, the Bremner Biscuit Company continues its tradition of excellence in its Denver facility. The product line has expanded to include Original, Sesame Seed, Cracked Wheat, Crackers Made with Pure Sunflower Oil and Soup and Chili Crackers; all produced in accordance with the original quality standards of D.F. Bremner. Having kept pace with the high demand, retailers have found Bremner Wafers to be a highly profitable product backed by five generations of quality and integrity.

"We acknowledge no superior in the quality of our goods and fear no competitors on that score."
- D.F. Bremner Baking Company
January 17, 1890