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Reviews & Awards

"Bremner wafers do the trick in cleansing the palate between sips or between wines as you partake in your vinous enjoyment. The basic neutral backdrop is ideal in doing the job while not conflicting with the wine."

- Evan Goldstein, Master Sommelier
Sterling Vineyards and Seagram Chateau & Estate Wines

"Bremner Wafers are the perfect accompaniment to all of our wines. The light and crispy texture receives rave reviews from guests in our tasting room time and time again. And they're so versatile - with just a hint of salt, these wafers enhance the flavor of just about any appetizer."

- Curtis Graham
Grgich Hills Winery

"Bremner is an excellent cracker to serve with wines. The wafers cleanse the palate after each wine sampled without introducing any inappropriate flavors, thus allowing the flavors of the wines to dominate."

- Margaret Harding
Family Wine Makers of California

"Bremner Wafers are the best crackers to complement wine and cheese, as the flavors are not intrusive, fully allowing the palate to be freshened in between each vinous sip."

- Harry McWatters, Founder and President
Sumac Ridge Estate Winery – British Columbia

- The Cracker of Choice for the Wine Enthusiast Magazine Tasting Panel.

- The Official Cracker of the Bon Appétit Wine and Spirits Focus, 2001-2002.